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"I am doing things vocally I didn't know possible."
Jinon Deeb, Palm Beach, Florida

"Do you want
a professional career as a singer?"


      Do you want a technique which you can always count on?

Do you want more vocal stamina?

Do you want to expand your vocal range dramatically?

Or do you want it all?

      Imagine... singing on stage - in sold-out performances to thousands - in the famous opera houses of Europe and the Americas...


I'd like to introduce myself. I am Cynthia Makris. Over the past three decades, I have gained international acclaim singing roles from Lucia, Violetta, and Norma to Puccini's Turandot, Tosca, and Minnie, Verdi's Lady Macbeth and Abigaille, as well as Richard Strauss' Elektra and Salome. In the course of my career, I have sung from lyric through dramatic coloratura to spinto and finally dramatic soprano roles. My knowledge of styles has come from experience in Germany, Austria, Italy, and France.

I have performed to packed houses in La Scala, the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, the Bavarian State Opera, the State Opera in Berlin, the Opéra de Normandie, the Teatro Real in Madrid, the New Tokyo Opera, the Teatro Municipal in Rio de Janiero - just to name a few...

I have been classically schooled in a direct line of Italian-trained singers. My performance has always been praised for its authenticity of feeling and for its many shadings and colors. I have received continual acknowledgment for my healthy technique, reflected in a professional career of singing constantly and in only major roles ranging from bel canto to dramatic.

I am now accepting a limited number of motivated students.

      Think about it. Your voice is your personal message to the world - it is the articulation of your soul in all its magnitude and in all its depth. Simply put, your voice is the expression of your own personal truth, a magnificent instrument of beauty, strength, delicacy... everything you are and can imagine.

But Developing and Uncovering Your Perfect Voice Is The Hard Part...


You see, singing is like sending a rocket into space. The angle used at the beginning must be very precise because the further one travels, the more the mistakes show up and can have devastating consequences. So, the right technique will take you along a path of unfolding better and better singing; by contrast, a slightly wrong technique will unfold as ever-increasing vocal problems.

I was fortunate enough to have teachers who set me on the right path and kept me on that path throughout many years of using my voice every day.

Beginning correctly is vital, but so is periodic control.
Together the teacher and the student set out on a journey to first produce the most natural and beautiful sound unique to that student's voice. The more advanced the student becomes, the more fine-tuning becomes possible.
Think about it.
Every professional athlete has a coach to help him keep his form and to constantly improve it.

Cynthia has a full understanding of the voice. Her approach is to stay free, lifted, and aligned. Never once have I been told to manipulate my sound or have I ever felt tension."

--Jinon Deeb

"I have worked with Soprano Cynthia Makris since 2007 and my vocal skills have improved dramatically I have seen her perform several times, and I know her knowledge comes from experience, as from her endless desire to create a perfect technique without losing too much of a deep expression"

I like her way of working with voice, and for me it has been easy to understand and correct certain things that have caused me technical problems before... She has been just the right person to train me since she understands so well the problems my type of a voice might have. I warmly recommend her to anyone who is seriously into singing."

--Serafiina Sainio

And Kaisa Hannula adds, "My singing has been so much easier after I have started to work with you. Those problems that I had with my singing have now vanished. And I am now a better teacher also."

Which Of These Powerful Secrets
Could You Use To Better Yourself?

  • You will develop an iron-clad technique you can always depend on.

  • You will have the self-assurance you have always dreamed of.

  • You will learn stage technique and grace of movement.

  • You will know what to do to express specific emotions and elicit the responses you wish from your audience.

  • You will find the artist in yourself who has been dying to come out and express itself.

  • You will unveil your own unique gifts which only you can give to the world through this incredible art.

  • If you are currently teaching voice, you can add professional techniques to expand your capabilities.

  • Plus, a lot more!


BUT I do NOT want you to call me

unless you are truly serious about

enhancing your vocal skills in a monumental way.

Learning to sing classically is not quick and easy. It requires dedication on the part of the teacher and the student, as well as patience and tenacity. There must be a strong desire on the part of the student and a long-term goal. It is like ballet training, except that you do not have to start when you are a very young child.

So, the approach has to be somewhat modified because I cannot promise quick results in this métier. There can be immediate AHA! moments, but just a few hourly lessons will not be anywhere close to enough, except for someone who is already singing very well and just has a few acquired problems. (For those students, as little as one lesson and maintenance lessons once in a while would be fine.)

With this being the case, please know that I require the following of my students:

  • Dedication to your craft

  • Commitment to one lesson per week for the first few weeks (with the number to be determined after an initial consultation)

  • Willingness to practice regularly between lessons

  • If you are willing to agree to the above requirements, and are ready to take your vocal skill to the next level, I invite you to contact me to set up a convenient time for us to meet by phone to discuss your particular needs..


    And if you're willing to take this step, you will see immediate positive results. I teach you to place your voice so that you use all of your natural resonance capacity in all registers. This alone will take you many giant steps forward and make an instant positive impression on anyone who hears you sing.

    Also, this alone will expand your singing range and allow the natural beauty of your voice to shine through. Another immediate benefit will be a natural vibrato in all registers and a smooth, effortless transition between registers. This means that you will have all of your natural gifts available to you and know how to use them.

    I offer simple rules, increasing the complexity as your voice evolves, thereby avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed or confused and always leaving a lesson with more power and confidence and an improvement in technique.

    My deepest wish is to truly empower each person who entrusts me with the care of this precious gift, his/her voice.

          It's easy to get started right away.

    Just call me at (561) 506-7106 from the USA, or +358 400 462 984 from Finland or overseas. 
    You can email me at  

    I welcome your phone calls and emails, and look forward to working with you. 

    Get ready to find YOUR voice and sing like you've always wanted to.